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Resources & support

Below are a fantastic range of free resources. Please explore what's available and if you would like to share resources here for others, please email them to us! 

We will update member as we continue to create and collect fantastic, empowering & useful resources for you!

Group Seflie

The Alliance is a platform for further empowering your organisation to champion gender equality and increase the impact of your work by connecting with others to share resources, ideas and activities that really work.


We know that you are busy, so we provide training and education, and communicate ways to help and support your success in raising gender equality. 


A core activity of the Alliance is to overcome fragmentation by collecting and distributing information to and from members in order to create connections and identify opportunities for greater impact. 

Tools & links 

College Students

Enhancing impact

Sharing great resources between members to make a real difference to each others success

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