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( Because this mess isn't going to Clean itself. )

What is a sweep?

A curated, weekly action challenge to help drive turnout for Democrats in the 2020 general election.

Weekly themes include things like organizing your network, mailing cards, and texting voters.

WHY are we sweeping?

You know the big why (hint: it's orange and very scary). 


But here's the little why: odds are you wanna pitch in but don't know where to start / what will have the biggest impact.

Well, start here :)

HOW do we sweep?

Join the WhatsApp group or subscribe to weekly emails below. Each week we'll send you a reasonable (but high impact) list of actions.


You don't have to complete all of the actions, but we triple dog dare you to try.

WHO is sweeping?

You, silly! 

Plus, we'll ask you to get others involved. Cause the more people who pitch in, the better our chances of winning in November (and ultimately avoiding a democratic and planetary meltdown).

WHEN are we sweeping?

The six weeks before the election: September 20th - November 3rd, but you can join whenever.

You'd probably spend this time filled with existential dread anyway, so how about you fill it with some sweep, sweep, sweepin' instead?

Get Started

Choose how you want to receive your weekly action challenges. Pinky promise, no spamming. We'll only send you 1-2 messages a week for the duration of the campaign. Think of it like getting a horoscope but instead of talking about your rising Moon causing relationship issues, we'll be talking about getting Uranus into action.