FWD: Equality

#Checkforgood Frequently Asked questions


I need emergency funding. Can FWD: Equality help me?


We know times are tough. Some of the organizations listed on #CheckForGood are currently accepting non-member applications for emergency funding or will be opening their applications for funding in the near future. Please visit their websites for more information:


For a list of free and reduced-cost programs in your area (e.g. helping paying rent or groceries, job searching, or health and childcare), please visit FindHelp.org, a service run by Aunt Bertha.

For a list of emergency relief funds by industry and state, and companies hiring, 

we have found one of the most comprehensive lists to be the Good Jobs Institute 

COVID-19 page.  


FWD: Equality is not affiliated with these organizations and therefore plays no role in the application process.

Why is addressing systemic inequality even important? And what does it have to do with #CheckForGood?


The COVID-19 bailout plan in the United States is flawed, leaving millions of struggling workers to fend for themselves and their families. But this is not just about COVID-19. Before all of this started, there has been an ever-increasing wealth gap across racial, gender, and class lines, as well as a compounding list of social inequities and barriers to opportunity. And so, the stimulus check package, as is, only stimulates continued systemic inequality, when the current moment actually calls for a stake in the ground on a reimagined economic system that cannot predict a person’s survival and future success by the color of their skin, their gender, their job, their citizenship status, or their zip code. #CheckForGood is just one stake in the ground - signaling to an imperfect system by shifting wealth (which addresses one component of inequality) to those who urgently need it. We hope you will join us if the system has afforded you to be in a position to do so.

How did you choose the organizations to feature on #CheckForGood? 


The Emergency Relief Funds listed prioritized nonprofits who met the following criteria:

  • Their fund directly supports individuals from vulnerable populations. 

  • Donations are listed as tax deductible. 

  • Relief support spans 4+ states.

  • Minority or women-led at the executive and/or board level.

  • Not led by an industry-interest lobbying group.

  • Has been vetted by 2+ major philanthropic foundations as a prior grant recipient.


The Movement Building Organizations listed prioritized nonprofits who met the following criteria:


  • Received a Gold or higher Guidestar Seal of Transparency and/or at least a 3 out of 4 star CharityNavigator rating. 

  • Donations are listed as tax deductible.

  • Addresses systemic economic, racial, gender, or immigration status inequality through their programming and has shown demonstrable impact in one or more of these areas. 

  • Minority or women-led at the executive and/or board level.

  • Has been in operation for at least two years.

  • Smaller in size, with under $15 million in annual revenue.

  • Focus is primarily national but has a local impact.

Please note: Some of the organizations listed on #CheckForGood do not meet all of the criteria listed above. We recognize criteria and barriers created by one group of people are often what lead to system oppression of another group of people in the first place. So, while these criteria guided our listings, organizations were ultimately included in good faith, commitment to systemic transformation, and demonstrated impact.      

Do I have to donate my full stimulus check or have received a stimulus check at all to participate in #CheckForGood?     


No. You are welcome to donate as much or as little as your personal situation allows. Though, if you’ve been sitting on your check or wondering what to do with it, there’s a decent chance your finances are already more secure than many others’ and we hope you’ll consider donating all or part of your check. 

If you’re rich and didn’t get a check: first, congrats on making it this deep into the FAQs. Second, we encourage you to make a donation, too. Many nonprofits are run by small teams and have seen donations dry up during this period. Your sizable gift could go a long way during this moment in time. (Oh, and if you have a lot of followers, please tweet about us.)


Are the organizations featured on #CheckForGood affiliated with FWD: Equality?

No, not formally. We’ve have only vetted organizations listed on #CheckForGood based on the criteria above.


I think my organization should be listed on #CheckForGood. How do I submit it? 

Please refer to the criteria above and if your organization is aligned, get in touch 
here and we’ll review your request. Our focus is national orgs (that span at least 4+ states). We are actively searching for relief funds to support these groups of people:

  • Sex workers

  • People with disabilities

  • People experiencing homelessness

  • Former small business owners 

  • Creatives (performers, artists, etc.)

  • Non-professional home-based caregivers 

  • Single parents

  • Families of incarcerated individuals


Can you tell me more about FWD: Equality and #CheckForGood, and who's behind it all? 

Sure! FWD: Equality is the fuel behind #CheckForGood. We believe in an America where a person’s survival and future cannot be predicted by their race, gender, religion, identity, job, citizenship status, or zip code. Our mission is to support and elevate the moments and organizations that will get us there. 

FWD: Equality and #CheckForGood were created by Christopher Alan Nickelson, a social impact leader based in New York City. He's held roles and run campaigns in organizations like DoSomething.org, The White House with former First Lady Michelle Obama, Global Citizen, B Lab (behind the Certified B Corp movement), and BerlinRosen. You can get in touch with him here