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We are thrilled you've joined our collaboration for cooperation and aligned action

Founded by Kim Atkins & Frances Pratt, Fervid Partners

We are committed to promoting psychosocial safety and well-being in the workplace. Our primary strategy has been the development and delivery of training in collective deliberation and the psychodynamic understanding of work because we know that this approach is effective. But we want to do more with our expertise in research and education, developmental leadership and community engagement.

Fervid Partners is seeking to address this problem by establishing and coordinating an Alliance of committed people to cooperatively fight gender bias wherever it occurs.

You are invited to join us in the Alliance!

We know that you are busy, so, while continuing to provide training and education, we are picking up the responsibility for communication coordination. A core activity to overcome fragmentation will be collecting and distributing information from members that they would like to share with other members in order to create connections and identify opportunities for greater impact.

We know that gender bias is a significant factor making workplaces psychosocially unsafe. However, it extends beyond the workplace to all areas of life.

Although there are a number of organisations and individuals working to eliminate gender bias, the sector is fragmented, with multiple organisations with diverse agendas funded by a range of different agencies each with their own priorities, goals, timelines and reporting obligations.

Collaborative opportunities for change and the potential impact of each organisation or individual’s efforts are limited.

The Alliance is a platform for further empowering your organisation to champion gender equality and increase the impact of your work by connecting with others to share resources, ideas and activities that really work.

Free exclusive member resources

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